Zur Front

18. April 2021

Looks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck... Well, if it isn't Mahatma Gandhi!

If the best argument against the use of nuclear weapons is the retaliation anyone who used them had to expect and the greatest advantage in determining the aggressor is the effort required to build them, then, in the interest of peace, the development of anti ballistic missiles and the proliferation of nuclear weapons should be regulated.

If the best argument against the use of biological weapons is their uncontrollable nature, then, in the interest of peace, biological warfare drills, i.e.
  • the restriction of movement,
  • the conditioning of the public to accept and self-enforce said restriction,
  • mass vaccination programs,
should be forbidden.

I already wrote about it five months ago, but the spectacle of a bunch of draft evaders laying the foundations for World War III with military precision though quite unaware of it really turns my stomach. It does no good to warn a slave of the consequences of his practices. A slave needs to see the plight, so that he may know what to do to help. But a free man is free because he determines the circumstances of his life.

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