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31. März 2016

Finite Resources

I'm getting old, old enough to know which 30 films I'd take with me onto a remote island. There're a number of other good films, but I wouldn't miss them. As for TV-series, M Captain Future and F Der fliegende Ferdinand would suffice.

D Documentations
E Expositions
F Fantasies
M Myths / Fairy tales
N Novels
R Reports

R Eins, Zwei, Drei
F Die unendliche Geschichte
F Scarface
E Stalker
F The New World

R Howl's Moving Castle
D Back to the Future
D Beverly Hills Cop
D Witness
R Lawrence of Arabia

F Zardoz
F Dune
D Solaris
E Blade Runner
M Star Wars

N Some Like It Hot
N Ghostbusters
R Gandhi
E Der Seewolf
N The Lord of the Rings

E Kin-dza-dza!
D Ruthless People
D Ferris Bueller's Day Off
M Spirited Away
R Un long dimanche de fiançailles

R The English Patient
F The Emerald Forest
F Ponyo
E Groundhog Day
N Raising Arizona


Billy Wilder (45 points, 2 entries)
Andrei Tarkovsky (45 points, 2 entries)
Hayao Miyazaki (35 points, 3 entries)
John Boorman (24 points, 2 entries)

Honorary mentions.

Brian DePalma (28 points)
Terrence Malick (26 points)
Peter Weir (22 points)
David Lean (21 points)
David Lynch (19 points)
Ridley Scott (17 points)
George Lucas (16 points)
Richard Attenborough (13 points)
John Hughes (8 points)
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (6 points)

Original writers.

Ferenc Molnar (30 points)
Michael Ende (29 points)
Armitage Trail, Oliver Stone (28 points)
Diana Wynne Jones (25 points)
Thomas Edward Lawrence (21 points)
Frank Herbert (19 points)
Stanisław Lem (18 points)
Philip Kindred Dick (17 points)
Jack London (12 points)
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (11 points)
Sebastien Japrisot (6 points)
Michael Ondaatje (5 points)


Harrison Ford (55 points, 3 entries)
José Ferrer (40 points, 2 entries)
Alec Guiness (37 points, 2 entries)
Sean Young (36 points, 2 entries)
Judge Reinhold (32 points, 2 entries)
Jürgen Prochnow (24 points, 2 entries)
Bill Murray (16 points, 2 entries)

Honorary mentions.

Hanns Lothar (30 points)
Pamela Tiffin (30 points)
Liselotte Pulver (30 points)
Al Pacino (28 points)
Wes Studi (26 points)
Christian Bale (26 points)
Michael J. Fox (24 points)
Eddie Murphy (23 points)
Anthony Quinn (21 points)
Peter O'Toole (21 points)
Omar Sharif (21 points)
Sean Connery (20 points)
Virginia Madsen (19 points)
Francesca Annis (19 points)
Max von Sydow (19 points)
Patrick Stewart (19 points)
Sting (19 points)
Rutger Hauer (17 points)
Jack Lemmon (15 points)
Marilyn Monroe (15 points)
Ben Kingsley (13 points)
Raimund Harmstorf (12 points)
Juliette Binoche (5 points)
Ralph Fiennes (5 points)
Nicolas Cage (1 points)


Maurice Jarre (43 points, 2 entries)
Richard Wagner (29 points, 2 entries)

Honorary mentions.

Klaus Doldinger (29 points)
Giorgio Moroder (28 points)
Huey Lewis and the News (24 points)
ZZ Top (24 points)
Glenn Frey (23 points)
Harold Faltermeyer (23 points)
Ludwig van Beethoven (20 points)
Toto (19 points)
Johann Sebastian Bach (18 points)
Vangelis (17 points)
Franz Liszt (15 points)
Luther Vandross (9 points)
Márta Sebestyén (5 points)

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