Zur Front

12. August 2017

Vinyl 12''

The Stone Roses
A. One Love
B. Something's Burning
Luther Vandross
A. Stop to Love
B. Stop to Love (Instrumental)
The Stone Roses
A. Fool's Gold
B. What the World Is Waiting For
A. The Honeythief (Extended Version)
B. The Honeythief (7'' Version) - Wild Sorrow
Peter Gabriel
A. Big Time (Extended Version)
B. Big Time (7'' Version) - Curtains

A. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Layin' It on the Line
B. We Built This City - Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight
Vesta Williams
A. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Extended Version)
B. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Dub Version) - Once Bitten Twice Shy (a Cappella Version)
Herb Alpert
A. Keep Your Eye on Me
B. Our Song
A. Divine Emotions (Remix) - Divine Emotions (Dub Mix)
B. Divine Emotions (Single Mix) - Tighter
The Jets
A. Crush on You
B. Right Before My Eyes

Inner City
A. Big Fun
B. Big Fun (Juan's Magic Remix)
Bruce Willis
A. Respect Yourself (Dance Mix)
B. Fun Time - Respect Yourself (7'' Version)
A. Jack the Groove
B. Jump in Your Dance - Bonus
A. Say I'm Your No. 1 (H.R.H. Mix No. 2)
B. Say I'm Your No. 1 (H.R.H. Mix No. 3)
Peter Gabriel*
A. Biko
B. No More Apartheid
 * scratched