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19. Februar 2018

Taking a step back...

All the seals are tragedies, all the trumpets are abominations and all the vials are misfortunes,
  • for failure to establish order is a tragedy,
  • success at establishing order comes at the price of abominations and
  • instated abominations provoke misfortunes,
thus showing the path through the second stage of the belief cycle (establishing social order according to the belief) and the third (personal service according to the belief).

I've previously set the beginning of the second stage to coincide with the enthronement of Charlemagne, but for England William I does just fine. Arguably John would reference him, because he knew that at the time, when his words would be supposed to be understood, the founding of England would appear the most pertinent.

The beginning of the third stage I set to 1789. Now, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was 45 by then, which is the proper age to take charge of one's professional opportunities, meaning that the third trumpet, or the Great Comet of 1744, occured just in time to herald this new era, if one considers it as such.

That the 1000 year reign of the saints ended when the pope split the world between Portugal and Spain, I've also already stated, and this is in perfect agreement with the sixth seal, or the Lisbon earthquake of 1531 and the lunar and solar eclipses there in 1530 and 1539 respectively.

Since then the power of the Catholic Church to shape the social order has been broken, hence, in a way, the second stage ended then, but it was only until the French Revolution that the quest to establish social order according to the belief reached its culmination.

Then again the quest to push this order on the rest of the world is still ongoing and Kissinger's and Nixon's five month's use of dioxin in Vietnam in 1969 and G.W.Bush's military effort in 2003 are striking examples for that and, somewhat logically, the nuclear destruction of New York will end this quest as an offering for reset.

The timeline becomes somewhat murky here though, and even if the seven vials are listed chronologically, it is not quite clear how they relate to the seven trumpets. The second vial certainly looks like the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010. And if the first vial means that certain types will develop cancer for their defection from their creator, that might be ongoing for some time already, but a precise date is naturally hard to set. The third vial appears to be a reference to the two witnesses and their actions. And the forth vial could refer to the Thomas Fire in 2017. The fifth vial, if it is not purely metaphorical, refers to the eruption of Yellowstone, for that alone can plunge North America into darkness. The sixth vial then probably means that the United States will withdraw from the Euphrates after the Yellowstone eruption and allow Iran to move westward. And after that Armageddon.

Looks complete, but there are holes. Seen from afar, however, it resembles a juggernaut that comes to a screeching halt. Man is weak, God gave us notice so that we can seek ground to stand on, for He needs us to remember Him, so that He may uphold us.

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