Zur Front

20. Februar 2018

The gravitational pull on idols.

You take one of God's creatures, Faye Dunaway in this instance,
you extract the traits you want to idolise, unexcitability, distancedness and inquisitiveness in this instance, and weave them into commercials.

Then somebody comes along and aligns them with Satan
and he now owns the master idol.

That is no reference to this particular combination of traits can be made without paying homage to him.

People understand that idols are mere shells and by wearing them they cannot but embrace evil to some extent, which is why the evil idol will always be the most convincing, i.e. because it is authentic.

Replacing nature with standard forms is an ugly process everywhere. I noticed it first in discussions, but if you compare the first picture here with the last, you see just how ugly it can get in the flesh.

Mainstreamed people are just as abhorrent as mainstreamed opinions.

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