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23. Januar 2018

Films of metaphysical substance

Personal manifestos
  1. Stalker (by Andrei Tarkovsky) explains the role of miracles.
  2. Solaris (by Andrei Tarkovsky) proves the shape of any possible relation between God and man.
  3. Zardoz (by John Boorman) proves the preliminariness of the human form.
  4. Die unendliche Geschichte (by Michael Ende) proves man's dependency on the fulness of his mental tradition.
  5. Logan's Run (by William F. Nolan) proves that the existence of a generation of man is not an end in itself. Seemingly the opposite of Zardoz, but in truth its little brother.
Informed comments
  1. Magnum, P.I.: Fragments (by Donald P. Bellisario) on the nature and different types of premonition and revelation in particular.
  2. The Emerald Forest (by John Boorman) on the essential (as opposed to the beautiful and the powerful)
  3. The New World (by Terrence Malick) on the contrast between the age of miracles and the age of works.
Forceful films
  1. Dune (by David Lynch) as a reminder of the other world.
  2. Blade Runner (by Ridley Scott) as a reminder of conscious existence.

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