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21. April 2018

Earth in an old culture

The categorisation that I'm using in this article I've only explained in German. But this article isn't really for a German audience. So I'll write it in English, give the following reference in German Die grundlegende Vierfaltigkeit der Daseinsauffassung and briefly explain here what can be briefly explained.

The group of people, who answer the following two questions in the negative,
  1. Is my path determined by something within me?,
  2. Am I independent?,
is spoken of in all the hexagrams of the I Ching in which earth is the lower trigram. Actually, just for your information,
  • no, no: earth,
  • no, yes: heaven,
  • yes, no: wind, fire or lake,
  • yes, yes: mountain, the abysmal or thunder.
The group of these people (earth) I categorised already much earlier to fall into these four subcategories:
  1. dreamy,
  2. sportive,
  3. lascivious and
  4. partial,
depending on the age of the culture (as understood as its progress in the functional cycle, i.e. the cycle of developing institutions) it lives in (or rather imagines itself to live in).

In the course of these four stages openness is receding. While dreamy members admit every candidate with open arms, sportive members introduce an element of testing to belonging to the ingroup, which all undetermined and dependent people are after, partial members sell that belonging and lascivious ones still grant occasional access out of sympathy.

A culture with well established institutions like that of the United States is old in this sense. If you're undetermined and dependent, you'll only be admitted, when you buy your way in. That's the natural and also the prevailing view on the matter inside the United States. And because of that the group of people I concern myself with here, can quite adequately be described as earth in an old culture, i.e. people, for whom partiality is the social standard.

I arrived at this categorisation out of frustration over the quality of porn. About 95% of all porn stars are earth in an old culture. I will not go over the other categories of porn stars here, but the present subject will be a smutty one. Still, I figure I better address it.

If you want to see a parade of faces firmly in the partial category, you can take a look at this article from the New York Post on Nxivm. Guess what, when all you care about is belonging to the winners and consider it totally normal that you have to pay for that, you'll actually feel quite at peace in the company of a ruthless and successful con man, unless of course he finally goes one step too far and rubs it in that the joke is on you and there's still some residue of self esteem, that is esteem for what you yourself are, left, but of course we're speaking here about the group of people who have least of it of all people.

This is quite significant, because of its obvious connexion (thank J.R.R. Tolkien for that spelling) with the deconstruction of traditional role models. Make no mistake: Partial people don't do what they do, because they want it, but because they think it's the way forward. So, since in all likeliness from what I can see the absolute majority of mankind (though not 95%, there's an obvious positive selection at work in the porn industry) and definitely the absolute majority in the West (though again not 95%) falls into this category, we should pay some attention to this and ask, what we as the more determined elements of society want to tell the rest about society's demands.

Certainly we wouldn't want the absolute majority to turn into amoral dimwits, who execute a crazy agenda?

So, what should we tell the sell-outs?

How about: Be of use to others!, which, incidentally, is the same as: Make money.

Do we really want to have a club, which they only need to enter, and then they don't have to be of use to anyone anymore for the rest of their lives?

These people?

Of course they'll flock to any club, which will only as much as remotely appear to grant them this privilege. And that too is something that no rational man can have the slightest interest in.

If you don't see the problems, I'll give you another smutty example, which links porn with wider politics.

There's this custom in Austria amongst geriatrics, that a man will tell his wife to fuck somebody else, because he finds it disgusting. That somebody else is called Hausfreund (housefriend). Well, what do you expect of Catholics? (No, actually, this exists in protestant parts of Germany too.) Somebody heard of this and made it about something else, namely a white girl of 21 being fucked by a black man of 32 in front of her white boyfriend of 18. This doesn't actually work as porn, unless you find a partial girl of 21, who actually believes that she is entering some club of the aforementioned nature.

And, yes, even that is being found. Now, that girl gets her pay cheque and with that she'll have to see just what club she has entered, and that's it for her. But since she has done more than just act, since she has actually believed in a certain way of social advancement, she has given credence to the idea that that actually is a way of social advancement through acclamation.

And thence the phenomenon is harvested for political exploitation.

It's just what I said: We don't want sell-outs running around and shouting hysterically to other sell-outs how to get ahead in life. That they've found the easy way. We don't want that!

The hour is of course near, when those, who have orchestrated the lunacy in order to force the political discussion on a more basic, formerly assumed to be completely solved level, to reap their benefits. They'll be able to just ignore 100 years of political arguments, if not more, simply, because the preconditions of these arguments are not any longer met, and they will have no competition, because everybody else will still be clinging to those arguments. It is, to wit, a very elegant coup, based on society's (I'm not including myself here) aversion to reserve respect for the respectable, which is of course characteristic for the rule of unreason.

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