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10. April 2018

The best strategy for fact checking?

Publish what you want to expose to fact checking!

To illustrate this, let us consider proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis.

How sane would it be to not allow the publication of a proposed proof for the Riemann Hypothesis, until it has been fact checked, that is until a licensed fact checker would have verified that the proof is correct?

There are a number of proofs over at, for instance
and if you feel like helping mankind to progress, you can study these proofs and find out, whether they are correct, but you can only do so, since they have been published.

Would it be different, then it would fall to some person in the mathematics department of Berkeley, say, to check, whether all the apparent mathematical proofs that are claimed to actually be mathematical proofs on blogs hosted by Google on Californian servers are correct.


By the way, Theodore John Kaczynski worked in that department before he wrote Industrial Society and Its Future.

So, given that God is probably the biggest fan of irony in the whole universe, this seems to have a reasonable chance to come about, but then again there are probably still enough people left who understand that it is the lie that has to fear the light of day and not the truth.

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