Zur Front

26. April 2017

There is a path in all of this.

When a man sees walls moving,
he understands the need for foundations,
but what he knows about architecture
determines how many attempts he needs
to find back onto a sustainable path.

There can be no backing away
from the prerequisites of future growth.
The seeing man has to eradicate what harbours ill will
against what is commonly cherished
just as the blind man would.
When a man has done everything for peace what he could,
he must go ahead and face the judgment.
There is a reward for those, who don't trample the congenial,
but confusion must never be allowed.

Then, when there is agreement over the course,
decency might take hold again and show its worth
by curbing madness
and bowing to reason of its own accord.
Therein I put my faith for all those,
who have no rudder to steer their fate,
but are willing and able to do so.

It is they, who will have proven
that they have learned something
that is worth to be taught.

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