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22. März 2018

Action in physics

Man perceives himself as acting. Actually, following my view of transcendence, man perceives himself as acting in three different ways:
  1. immanently,
  2. horizontally transcendentally and
  3. vertically transcendentally.
An immanent action consists of the deliberated breakdown of a perception of weighing and the birth of a perception of having caused something.

In the case of a horizontally transcendent action, there is either an additional feeling of outreach during the weighing or an additional feeling of having been nudged during the having caused.

But no matter whether one is the active or the passive part during telepathy, the birth of the transcendentally established action is the product of a union of two minds, e.c. the hunter's and the prey's in the case of the chase.

And in the case of a vertically transcendent action the mind of God, the divine self, is the acting party, again independently of the source of the initiative, i.e. whether we pray to God or are being inspired by him, the former being more a form of surrender than outreach and the latter more a jolt than a nudge, but some similarity certainly exists.

In any case acting feels like breaking and there is a place in physics were such breaking might occur, namely whenever a particle loses its wave characteristics, i.e. when the particle is being transformed into something else, for these reactions occur at some place.

Actually, I did say earlier that I believe that solid objects can simply pass through each other, because I witnessed it once (my Matrix-DVD passing through my computer, no less, I know how it sounds, i.e. I know there are those, who would consider that a sign, whereas I treat it as a joke.)

But when we consider the wave-particle duality let us not forget that the particleness of the particle is nothing more than interacting instead of superimposing. Waves on the water don't mind each other and neither do sound waves. But particles do mind each other, and while initiating this reaction, waves break at some point of non-zero amplitudes.

So that's where the action is. It is of course most peculiar that we should be conscious of a specific class of such actions in our bodies, but that isn't really the subject here, i.e. consciousness. This is only a tentative marking of actions in the flow of all things.

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