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28. April 2017

Mind over matter

All the articles that I'm going to reference in this one are written in German. But there is no reason not to write this one in English, because I'm not going to work on notions here, but on the outlines of a model.

When you look at the mechanics of elastic collisions, cf. Die Grundaxiome der Physik und der Mechanik im speziellen, you find that there are two solutions that satisfy the required symmetries, namely that
v1-(m1v1+m2v2)/(m1+m2) and v2-(m1v1+m2v2)/(m1+m2)
remain either both unchanged or that both of them are multiplied by -1.

I make the following claim now, that amounts to quite a bit:
Both solutions occur in nature.
I.e. sometimes rigid bodies simply pass through each other.

The principle of the interaction of unanimated objects is the transfer (of energy). In mechanics it comes about by the exclusiveness of the occupation of spacetime.

What if that was not generally so?

What if two bodies could be separated, removed from each other's influence, by occupying parallel spaces for a time or parallel modes of existence?

I feel almost ashamed to report this because of the circumstances, but... I was watching The Matrix, rather annoyedly so, and then, almost cursingly, opened the DVD drive to put the DVD back into its box, when it slipped out of my fingers and I couldn't find it anymore.

Eventually I did find it. Under my computer, fully covered by it. And there is just no way, without wanting to go into the details of its make, that it could have gotten there, other than passing straight through it.

Now, if the mind could generate parallel temporary modes of existence for different objects, it could do all kinds of things, selectivity provided, basically everything that I call material transcendental acts.

The principles of the transcendental acts I have given as follows:
  • material transcendental acts are contests,
  • functional transcendental acts are contracts,
  • ideational transcendental acts are sacrifices,
cf. Gegenstände und Regelungen der transzendenten Akte.

And I do currently see a way in which they can all be woven together.

Let material transcendental acts separate objects as described above, that is cancel the principle of transfer selectively. Then the reason why they are contests is, that they are at the same time part of a contract that stipulates that any selective cancellation of transfer has to be bought by a chance of the breakdown of the harmony that allows us to live, for our life might well depend on a constant unconscious effort of that kind, which additional efforts might disturb.

But whatever the exact reason for the danger, there is a link between the different minds, the cancellation of transfer doesn't occur in a vacuum, but in a stress field and this stress field is the medium for telepathy, the seat of hunches, on which functional transcendental acts act. And it thus follows from the nature of their medium, as creating a tension between the involved parties, that they are contracts.

And finally we have the fact that, if we reach within us, we'll find a very powerful stress at work that sets our limits. The sacrifice of the ideational transcendental acts consists of drawing nearer to that stress, which means two things:
  1. loss of the freedom of choice, cf. Just for the record and Highlander?, and
  2. increased resonance of one's own stress(es), i.e. synchronous earthquakes and the like.
There are a great many religious images and reports in accordance with this, and I think that it is up to me to teach it, so that among all the rubble there might be a place of understanding of the reality of the mind.

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