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16. März 2018


I didn't think of it that way when I wrote the articles Dreieinhalb bei Johannes and Taking a step back..., but just as the seals and trumpets (chapters 8 & 9) have a rhythm of approximately 85 years, (2003-1066)/11 = 85+2/11, the conjectured vials in the second article mentioned might very well have a rhythm of 3.5 years, namely
  • 2007 depleted uranium,
  • 2010 Deep Water Horizon,
  • 2014 the two witnesses,
  • 2017 Thomas Fire,
  • 2021 Yellowstone,
  • 2024 retreat from Syria and Iraq,
  • 2028 Armageddon.
In this scheme New York would likely fall in 2022 (cf. Das Lasso).

Considering this, I turned again to the verses in the Revelation that mentioned 42 months in one format or the other (see the article first mentioned for a list), and in my reading these describe the following four episodes:
  • US security personnel treads Jerusalem under foot (chapter 11),
  • the two witnesses testify (chapter 11),
  • the Catholic Church goes into exile (chapter 12),
  • a US President blasphemes (chapter 13).
Now, on March 13, 2013, the Catholic Church did in a way go into exile.

And George Walker Bush abused the name of the Lord during the second half of his tenure (we may confidently set the exact starting point of this episode to Easter Monday, 2005, 16:09:37 UTC, which dovetails almost perfectly with the election of Barack Obama on November 4, 2008, that is it is a good month too long. Funnily enough George Walker Bush was also the 43rd President of the United States and not the 42nd.)

Which leaves the two witnesses, which is easy enough to satisfy in one way or the other. Personally, I saw water spontaneously turning red for the first time in the fall of 2015 (in the broken bathtub that we left outside), I suspect some bacteria or other water life, but whatever the cause, ever since I notice it and sometimes it is a whole creek, like last fall in the Õisu põrgu valley.

Yes, and towards the first point, Mike Pence said this is supposed to begin near the end of 2019, which would make it overlap with the conjectured Yellowstone eruption.

Postscript from March 18, 2018 (CET). I was struck by the ratio 85/3.5 = 170/7 = 24.285714p. The quickening according to the above would most likely be 1 day in the space of 1 hour.

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