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2. Mai 2018

The Armageddon Snare

When Obama and Sarkozy started the Syrian War in 2011, they changed the nature of Iran's responsibility for Lebanese Shiites from a supplier of weapons to a provider of supply routes, that is changed Iran's involvement in the region from a merchant to a combatant.

Assad's inability to control Syria is the snare that keeps Iran's foot fixed in place.

Israel could hack the foot off, but unless Israel occupied Lebanon and Syria, the foot would grow back into the snare or at least try to do so under ever rising pressure.

Foreign powers could simultaneously withdraw from Syria, but claims and animosities have hardened.

Not wanting to speculate about what goes on in the dark, it would appear that Western Europe and certain circles in the United States are most opposed to a withdrawal, followed by Turkey, that is in making sure that Revelation 16:12-16 comes to pass.

Revelation 16:12 is of course the withdrawal, but you can only withdraw, if you haven't already withdrawn, and if the withdrawal would occur too soon, it would not be followed by a full-scale war over Israel.

That is not to say that I think that the actors in Western Europe, the United States and Turkey are pious enough to do what they do, so that the words of the holy prophet are being fulfilled, but just that notwithstanding the real motives they are being fulfilled.

I hold that any action that would invalidate the Revelation will be thwarted. And at the same time I hold that it is my Christian duty to lay out the designs of the devil as clear as I can.

I could not have described the snare, before Obama and Sarkozy had laid it. And when it dawned on me what it meant, it was too late to undo it. Also, in 2011 I hadn't yet grasped, where we are at in the Revelation.

Nevertheless, I do believe that even at this hour a clear understanding of the lay of the land is not without value for those who rely on God.

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