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8. Februar 2015

Das I Ching zu meinem gegenwärtigen Weg

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THE TAMING POWER OF THE SMALL has success. Dense clouds, no rain from our western region.

This image refers to the state of affairs in China at the time when King Wên, who came originally from the west, was in the east at the court of the reigning tyrant Chou Hsin. The moment for action on a large scale had not yet arrived. King Wên could only keep the tyrant somewhat in check by friendly persuasion. Hence the image of many clouds, promising moisture and blessing to the land, although as yet no rain falls. The situation is not unfavorable; there is a prospect of ultimate success, but there are still obstacles in the way, and we can merely take preparatory measures. Only through the small means of friendly persuasion can we exert any influence. The time has not yet come for sweeping measures. However, we may be able, to a limited extent, to act as a restraining and subduing influence. To carry out our purpose we need firm determination within and gentleness and adaptability in external relations.
Return to the way. How could there be blame in this? Good fortune.

It lies in the nature of a strong man to press forward. In so doing he encounters obstructions. Therefore he returns to the way suited to his situation, where he is free to advance or to retreat. In the nature of things this will bring good fortune, for it is wise and reasonable not to try to obtain anything by force.
He allows himself to be drawn into returning. Good fortune.

One would like to press forward, but before going farther one sees from the example of others like oneself that this way is blocked. In such a case, if the effort to push forward is not in harmony with the time, a reasonable and resolute man will not expose himself to a personal rebuff, but will retreat with others of like mind. This brings good fortune, because he does not needlessly jeopardize himself.
The spokes burst out of the wagon wheels. Man and wife roll their eyes.

Here an attempt is made to press forward forcibly, in the consciousness that the obstructing power is slight. But since, under the circumstances, power actually lies with the weak, this sudden offensive is doomed to failure. External conditions hinder the advance, just as loss of the wheel spokes stops the progress of a wagon. We do not yet heed this hint form fate, hence there are annoying arguments like those of a married couple. Naturally this is not a favorable state of thing, for though the situation may enable the weaker side to hold its ground, the difficulties are too numerous to permit of a happy result. In consequence even the strong man cannot so use his power as to exert the right influence on those around him. He experiences a rebuff where he expected an easy victory, and he thus compromises his dignity.
The rain comes, there is rest. This is due to the lasting effect of character. Perseverance brings the woman into danger. The moon is nearly full. If the superior man persists, Misfortune comes.

Success is at hand. The wind has driven up the rain. A fixed standpoint has been reach. This has come about through the cumulation of small effects produced by reverence for a superior character. But a success thus secured bit by bit calls for great caution. It would be a dangerous illusion for anyone to think he could presume upon it. The female principle, the weak element that has won the victory, should never persist in vaunting it--that would lead to danger. The dark power in the moon is strongest when the moon is almost full. When it is full and directly opposite the sun, its waning is inevitable. Under such circumstances one must be content with what has been achieved. To advance any further, before the appropriate time has come, would lead to misfortune.
Und die Bedeutung:
  • Chou Hsin ist die vorherrschende Kultur, die Freundlichkeit muß ihren Gewächsen gelten.
  • Erste Zeile: Über den einzelnen Unternehmungen niemals das Ziel vergessen.
  • Zweite Zeile: Als Gruppe wie ein Fluß nach einer Überschwemmung wieder ins eigene Bett zurückfließen.
  • Dritte Zeile: Sich nicht zu unfruchtbaren Zerwürfnissen äußern, sondern sie leidend ertragen.
  • Sechste Zeile:  Das Ziel ist die Gewinnung der Menschen für die beworbene Haltung. Wenn sie diese annehmen werden, ist es erreicht. Das weitere ergibt sich dann aus ihnen. Konkret: Wenn Geschmack am Leben und Sinn für Verantwortung erst einmal wieder gleichermaßen eingefordert werden werden, wird und muß sich der Rest auch von selbst ergeben.
Das ist dennoch sehr abstrakt gehalten, doch wer meine Beiträge hier und andernorts verfolgt hat, sieht die Bezüge klarer.

Ich teile diesen Rat mit der Welt, schaden kann es uns nicht. Wir sind noch nicht am Ziel, aber es wird schon gehen. Ich selbst sehe mich indes zunehmend als einen Spiegel, welcher Hoffnungen und Ängsten physischen Ausdruck gibt, und versuche folglich, eine sanfte Grundstimmung zu finden, welche sich nicht ständig selbst durch entgegengesetzte Ausschläge korrigieren muß.

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