Zur Front

1. März 2018

The harvest

Christ has given us a history, so that we may explore the Holy, but what does God harvest?

Man is a set of ethical principles learning a concrete meaning of them in one lifetime, but what does God harvest?

We judge ourselves on the basis of the fruits that have sprung from our beliefs, but what does God harvest?

He provides the fruits and we come up with the beliefs by negotiating the meaning of what we've witnessed. So there it is: Our beliefs are what God harvests.

We have been raised to believe in our own relevance to God, so as not to condemn ourselves to arbitrariness.

And jointly we thus proceed on our way, formulating the answer of a caring God to our plight.

Things far-off in time, but close in intent, must be linked by a bridge that carries and denotes the tradition, so that it neither goes astray nor is it overlooked. Hence the Revelation calls tragedies and abominations and punishing misfortunes by their name and sets out the necessities of the resurrection of the untainted belief, for it alone will do.

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